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Ease your dog’s hip pain with the patented Walkin’ Hip-EEZ® hip support system. The Hip-EEZ combines compression with a feeling of lift to support a pet’s hip joint, perfect for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia pain. Designed for pets of all sizes and ages, this unique dog hip support brace alleviates hip pain and keeps pets active. Wearing a dog hip brace provides comfort to pets as they walk, run, and move throughout the day. Compression and lift are crucial to making the Hip-EEZ® a premier product for ambulatory pets suffering from hip pain to provide your dog with the hip comfort and support it needs.



Our dog hip support brace is ideal for pets suffering from the following conditions: Mild to moderate Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, conformational deformities, trauma, and post-surgical recovery.

  • Keep pet’s mobile and comfortable
  • Secure Fit: soft neoprene panels wrap securely around dog’s leg, comes standard with chest harness to help keep the brace in place as the pet moves.
  • Relieve Dog Hip Pain: Combines compression and lift to support the hip joint.
  • Customize your pet’s hip support with optional attachments
walkin hip eez


Ease arthritis and hip dysplasia pain while supporting a pet’s hip joint as it heals. The canine hip brace supports your dog’s hip to reduce joint inflammation and pain.

walkin hip eez


With proper hip support, your dog can stay active all day. The Hip-EEZ keeps your dog comfortable, making it easier for them to run and play again!

walkin hip eez


Whether healing from a hip injury or surgery, the Hip-EEZ provides the stability your dog needs to heal.

Customize your dog’s Hip-EEZ® to fit their treatment plan with these optional attachments:

Donut Attachment

Hip EEZ donut attachment

Decubital Ulcer and pressure sore prevention and treatment

Bridge Attachment

dog hip subluxation treatment

A non-surgical hip subluxation solution

Cross Assist Attachment

dog hind leg crossing treatment

Corrective training tool to prevent hind-leg crossing

How to Choose the Right Size

To determine the best size Hip-EEZ® for your pet, please measure your dog in a natural standing position and measure from 1″ above the right stifle (knee) to the middle of the back. If in-between sizes, please select the size based on your dog’s weight range.

Hip-EEZ® Measurement Guide:

Once you’ve measured, reference our chart below. Find the measurement and weight range that best matches your pet. If you’re in between sizes, it’s better to select the weight range closest to your pet. Remember, your pet’s measurement may not be an exact match to the chart.

how to measure for dog hip brace
SizeRight Leg MeasurementWeight
Small8″15 – 24 lbs.
Medium11″25 – 34 lbs.
Medium/Large14″35 – 49 lbs.
Large17″50 – 85 lbs.
X-Large19″ or greater80 lbs. or greater

Barrel-chested breeds, such as Boxer or Staffordshire Terrier, may need a customized dog hip support harness to best accommodate their shape.

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Large, Med/Lge, Medium, Small, X-Large


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