Walkin’ Dog Boots | Set of 4

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Walkin’ Pet Boots protect your pet’s paws from rough surfaces like gravel or rocks, extreme temperatures, and road salt and lawn chemicals. Pet boots provide a steady grip on slippery floors. Keeps your dog or cat’s paws clean and dry.



Protects pet’s paws from rough surfaces and inclement weather.

Provides steady grip on slippery surfaces.

Keeps paws clean and dry to prevent tracking dirt or mud into the house.

Protects pets with sensitive paws or pets with cuts or bruises on paws or legs.

Protect pets that drag their paws (indoors only).

High tops protect lower part of legs.

Open slit in back makes it easy for you to take boots on and off.

Thick rubber, pliable sole provides support and insulation.

Water resistant with breathable neoprene shell.

Adjustable Velcro straps with reflective tape keep boots securely on your pet.

Walkin' Dog Boots


The Walkin’ Pet Boots protect your dog’s paws during their daily walk. Protect your dog’s sensitive feet against stone, pavement, and extreme weather temperatures during their walk.

Protect dog feet from dragging with Walkin’ Dog Boots


As pets age they lose leg strength & struggle to stand up. The anti-slip sole provides pets with stability and traction to help your dog to stand up and walk across a slippery floor.

Walkin' Dog Boots


The Walkin’ Pet Boots are easy to put on and off your dog. Each boot expands with a wide split seam and features two adjustable straps making it easy to put on your dog’s foot.

Please note: If your dog drags his/her paws, the boots will wear out quickly if used on gravel or blacktop/road surfaces!

How to Choose the Right Size

To measure the width of your dog’s foot, place foot on a piece of paper and press down on top of foot, mimicking how the foot spreads when dog is walking.

Mark left and right side of foot on paper, and measure distance between marks. Compare this to boot sizes; the width of foot should be the same or smaller than boot size.

pet boot measurement

Note: When trying on a Pet Boot for the first time, please put a thin plastic bag on the animal’s foot, as boots returned with hair on them cannot be resold for full value and will be subject to a restocking charge. See Return Policy for details.


Additional information

Weight.500 kg
Dimensions41 × 3 × 31 cm

Large, Medium, Medium Large, Small, X-Large, X-Small, XX-Large, XX-Small

1 review for Walkin’ Dog Boots | Set of 4

  1. 1 out of 5

    Tamara Nadine (verified owner)

    I don’t rate these at all.
    I got them for my German Shepherd. They just don’t last. They’re made of the wrong kind of materials and got destroyed way too quick.
    Was pretty disappointed that I paid a bunch and they only lasted a week (indoor use only).
    Not fit for purpose.

    (Also, it’s not great that reviews need to be approved…)

    • Handicapped Pets Australia

      Hello Tamara
      I am sorry to hear you found the boots were not fit for your purpose; it is most unusual the boots did not last well, as so many people have commented on how long they do last, considering the beating they generally get. It is regrettable you did not reach out earlier earlier in order for us to help you with the product issue. once again apologies for the product failure

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