My Intelligent Pet – Turtle


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The TURTLE is a challenging game of skill invented by My Intelligent Dogs®. This two-story construction has tracks and depressions carved in it. There are also cylinders, caps and drawers that will reveal hidden treats to your pet if he moves, lifts or pulls them in a right way.

is suitable for small, medium and large dogs (remember don’t just think this is only for dogs!!!!)
it has a 4 paw rating for difficulty

The game is a multi-dimensional challenge for your dog as it has to resolve the “obstacles” both vertically and horizontally. Your pet will develop its skill and patience which will certainly help it master the task. Your dog will be able to train its fine motor skills and learn how to coordinate various movements.

The basic version of this game comes with 4 drawers, 9 cylinders + 13 caps. The game parts can be also purchased separately.

as this is a wooden product – only dry food or dehydrated treats are recommended for use.


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