Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude – Large


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The Squirrel Dude’s extreme durability holds up well under the toughest chewers and its unpredictable bounce will have pets playing for hours. The opening at the bottom of the Squirrel Dude has inner-facing, soft, adjustable rubber prongs that move aside to allow the toy to be stuffed with kibble or treats. The prongs of the Treat Meterâ„¢ randomly dispense kibble and treats as your dog plays. Made of natural rubber.

Recommended for strong chewers. Available in 4 sizes. Three sizes currently in stock:

Sizes and recommendations:

Small: < 9kgs / 20lbs – Toys, Terriers etc

Medium: 9kg / 20lbs – 23kg /50lbs – Shelties, Spaniels, Beagles

Large: >23kg / 50lbs – Labs, Retrievers, Rotties


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