Aussie Dog Home Alone – Jr Mid Size


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Home Alone is perfect for the dog that destroys the washing the plants or the backyard … it also prevents barking, boredom and separation anxiety.

Developed with the assistance of Dr Robert Holmes BVM&S PhD FANZCVS MRCVS specifically for dogs left home alone all day, the Home Alone is a hanging bungy ball toy that provides hours of bungy war fun.

The ball rattles each time your dog pulls down on the toy. When the ball is released it will spring up and excite your dog, encouraging him to continue trying to catch the ball and drag it back down again. Food can be placed in the ball for extra stimulation and will rattle and dispense during play.

Great for dogs in the 5 – 10 kg range.

I used the Large Home Alone with Cole when he was a young dog – I loved to watch him from the back window of my house. I placed the Home Alone in an apricot tree and I would watch Cole make “sneak attacks” on his toy, running stealthily (well as much as a Rotty could) around the yard then flying up to the toy, grabbing hold and swinging around, letting go gleefully. I didn’t even have to put food in it.

When Cole got older, he occasionally used it when I encouraged him.

It took way to much energy and is far too sophisticated for Chevy … he’s never been into playing tug, whereas tug was Cole’s all time favourite game!

Cole gave this 5 paws up! (Checkout Cole playing with this toy on the Gallery Pages)

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