Aussie Dog Standard Chook


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Durable soft toy that is made to last!

Chooky rattles, floats on water and will keep your furry friend amused for hours.   Made from tough high quality fire hose these chooks are a great soft toy that dogs love the look of and are designed for your dog to play with alone, or for some interactive play between you and your dog. Chooky is suitable for throw/retrieve or tug games.

100% Safe and Non Toxic.

Available with or without a bungy setup. Can be used with your existing “Home Alone” bungy.

Recommended for dogs up to 30kgs.


When Chevy came to live with us at 15 months of age he didn’t know anything about the concept of toys – the Chook is one of the very first toys he learnt to play with and it is one of his firm favourites. He enjoys playing with it on his own, with his humans and used to enjoy playing with it with Cole. Cole only used it if he had someone to play with him, be it Chevy, us or visitors.

Both dogs give this 10 paws up each (there’s that double paw rating again!!!). As for the humans, we give it a high rating too because we truly enjoy playing with the dogs using this toy.

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