Nina Ottosson DogBrick


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Easy to clean! A tricky and activating game for you and your dog/cat.

Hide treats in the depressions under the sliding discs, let your dog look for the goodies by trying to pull the discs to the side with its paw or nose.

Increase the degree of difficulty by placing the white plastic blocks in the depressions in the middle of the DogBrick.

The idea is for you and your dog/cat to have a pleasant and rewarding time together. Nina Ottosson toys enhance your relationship with your pet. You show your pet what to do and your dog/cat looks, listens and learns. Praise it when it does things right. Together you will have fun!

For something different, mix some meaty dog food with water, pour some of the mixture in the hollows, put the game in the freezer and let it set. This is perfect for hot days or when the dog needs some extra activity. Note: only under strict supervision.

Important … Do not let the dog/cat chew or bite the toy, only play with it together with your dog/cat, do not leave the dog/cat unattended, the dog/cat must not play with or chew the blocks. Put away when the game is over. Designed for dogs and cats, it is not a toy for a child.

Suits dogs and cats of all ages and sizes.

Degree of Difficulty: 2 – 3


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